Hi I'm Maring! 

I'm so glad you are here!

I am a Creative Coach, Acupuncturist, Mother, Artist, Musician, & Seeker of Joy!

I help people see Possibility and lightness and a playful path forward.

My Elements: Fire & Water



We all have our own unique needs when it comes to finding the right coach. I use the 5 elements to help you quickly get to the heart of what matters most to you.

What Element are you?

Fire: Are you enthusiastic and full of ideas but want a little more encouragement and support along the path?

Wood: Are you focused and clear on the end goal but would like a little more ease along the way?

Earth: Are you great at nurturing and supporting other peoples ideas but now feel ready to put your ideas first?

Metal: Do you feel connected to your purpose and a deeper meaning yet are craving a little more playfulness in your life?

Water: Have you sat long enough with that big idea and are now ready to take the steps towards your brightest self?


  Then let's Do it! 

Congrats on taking this next step towards your dreams and goals!  


Coaching Package includes:

  • 10 weekly hour long sessions via Phone/Zoom

  • A personalized plan and client portal to stay organized

  • Weekly exercises and homework

  • Synopsis from our call and recording

  • Strategy and action steps

  • ongoing email support

Past Client Experiences

Jill Quote.jpg
Maring was great! She was really easy to talk to and genuinely interested in digging deep to find what feels right and authentic to me. It really was a fantastic experience. I surprised myself by breaking out of my s.png
Jill Quote-2.jpg
Copy of The Messy Middle Podcast.png

The Deets

$700 full up


2 monthly payments of $375

for a total of $750


Still on the Fence?  Lets schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call: This call is meant to help you decide if coaching is your next best inspired step.  I will offer any support and quick solutions in this call for whatever guidance you are seeking.  

More Questions?  Email maringhiga@gmail.com

I look forward to connecting with you!