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Hi I'm Maring!  I'm so glad you are here!

I work with Creative women and WOC to help gain clarity in their purpose, big dream or Creative business.

I provide support, accountability & structure so that you can get focused on what's most important and share your magic and gifts with the world.



My Philosophy:  Make Magic in the Messy Middle

I'm fascinated with The Messy Middle, Flow Before Go and Finding Playfulness wherever I go.  Magic to me means the things that unfold because we decided to take a leap of faith.  The small and big things that happen that appear out of thing air.  It can mean the literal potion making, fairies, and unicorns magic or it can be simply the feeling of wonder and joy that comes from opening our heart.  However you define it, my work is centered around this feeling of possibility and glee.  

The road isn't always easy when we choose a path of curiosity, bravery, and experimentation, but I do believe it's the most rewarding.

I know you've got some big ideas to share, but maybe your not quite sure where to start.  Or perhaps you have already started but feel unsure about what your next steps might be.   Together I know that we can make some Magic and amplify your voice and gifts to the world!

I offer a free 30 min Discovery Call to see if this is a good fit for both of us.  All ya need to do is click the link below to get started.


Its time to start getting those dreams out of your head and into the world. 

When you hire me as your Creative Coach you’ll get someone who provides a playful & productive approach to find voice, clarity and creative strengths. 

We will work together to create a plan, accountability and personal experiments that are sustainable and doable that feels good to you, your lifestyles and values. 


In their Words

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Maring was great! She was really easy to talk to and genuinely interested in digging deep to find what feels right and authentic to me. It really was a fantastic experience. I surprised myself by breaking out of my s.png
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How it All Works:

My super power is deeply listening and mirroring enthusiastically back to you what you already know.  Combined with years of collecting resources on how to creatively build an business and my personal experience you will gain clarity quickly so that you can take action on whatever is calling your heart in this moment.   

Are you ready to ignite that spark within?  

Let's Do it!  YAY!  Congrats on taking this next step towards your dreams and goals!  

Coaching Package includes:

  • 10 weekly hour long sessions via Phone
  • A personalize plan and portal to stay organized
  • Weekly exercises and homework
  • Synopsis from our call and recording
  • Strategy and action steps
  • ongoing email support
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$700 full up


2 monthly payments of $375

for a total of $750


Still on the Fence?  Lets schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call: This call is meant to help you decide if coaching is your next best inspired step.  I will offer any support and quick solutions in this call for whatever guidance you are seeking.  

More Questions?  Email maringhiga@gmail.com

I look forward to connecting with you!  

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