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043 Sarah Driscoll & Coleen Hodges: The heart of business choosing the unconventional path

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Coleen Hodges: 

Coleen is a mother of two, emergency room nurse, photographer and blogger located in Arizona. Her passion for capturing the beauty of the everyday started the second she became a mother. The launch of this passion project was a dream come true for her. She believes in capturing the beauty and unique spirit of every child. 

Sarah Driscoll:

Sarah is a mother of four, photographer and writer located in Massachusetts. After Sarah's son, Luke, was diagnosed with autism she made a promise to herself to document every moment of his life so the world could see the beauty he possessed and how autism did not take away from that beauty but rather enhance it. When Spectrum Inspired came into fruition, she set out to document the beauty of all people on the Spectrum.

Music Editing: Nick Bauman

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