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044: Tiffany Han: On finding Flow & Trusting Our Knowings


Tiffany Han, CPCC, is a writer, speaker, teacher, and coach whose work focuses on  helping highly-creative women embrace a new framework of creative productivity to design and build the businesses of their dreams and bring their best ideas to life. As the founder of Say Yes Creative LLC, Tiffany has been helping creative women take bold, inspired action towards their dreams since 2011.

With a degree in Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a CPCC certification from the Coaches Training Institute combined with over a decade of experience in non-profit fundraising, marketing, and sales, Tiffany brings an abundant array of academic, professional, and personal experiences to her work.

In 2014, Tiffany launched her Raise Your Hand Say Yes podcast, wherein she goes behind the scenes of the success stories of our favorite creative visionaries to find out the truth of their experiences. It's been called a must-listen for creatives and has over 900,000 downloads. #legit #likewhoa

In addition to her work in the coaching, branding, and podcasting worlds, Tiffany is an accomplished (and hilarious) speaker—available for conferences and events to educate, entertain, and embolden the sh*t out of people. She's taught for CreativeLive, developed her own classes (one of which has been hailed by Inc. as a challenge that will "help ignite your creative spark and start you on the journey to prolific creation"), and has worked with (and empowered!) hundreds of highly-creative women to get out of their comfort zones and get their creative work out into the world. 

In her spare time (ha!), she starts as many dance parties as she can with her husband and twin daughters. They live in the San Francisco Bay Area. 


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