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021 Sarah Moore: On Rejection the 12th Experiment

Hey there! My name is Sarah Natsumi Moore and I am a photographer, explorer, and ponderer. I started out 2016 with a list of lofty goals, full of metrics and benchmarks that seemed important at the time of writing, but two weeks into the year realized I no longer cared to “make more money” or “grow my Instagram followers.” I put the list away and took comfort In the Great British Baking Show (it's good I swear!).

So for the next year I’m trading these New Year’s resolutions for a series of life experiments—12 monthly experiments to be exact. Instead of focusing on success, prestige or image, I am going to spend each month as a guinea pig living in a way that challenges my fears and/or questions my current way of living. I want to explore life’s big questions while also testing simple habits that create contentment. It will be my personal research on being.

My running monthly experiments so far:  

  1. A Month of Saying Yes: I must say yes to everything - Completed, February 2016

  2. A Month of Information Detox: Less consumption, more creation and engagement - Completed, March 2016

  3. A Month of Sparking Joy: Use the Konmari method to declutter my house! - Completed, April 2016

  4. A Month of Radical Acceptance: Learn how to accept reality as it is - Completed, May 2016

  5. A Month of Dance: Dance everyday! - Completed, June 2016

  6. A Month of Money: Stick to budget and get more work - Completed, July 2016

  7. A Month of Photography: Take personal pictures everyday - Completed, August 2016

  8. A Month of Cooking: Cook something new everyday - Completed, September 2016

  9. A Month of Mornings: Wake up really early and hate myself - Completed, October 2016

  10. A Month of Photography Again: Second Attempt at shooting everyday - Completed, November 2016

  11. A Month of Zero Waste: Create as little trash as possible - Completed, December 2016

  12. A Month of Rejection: Putting myself out there to overcome the fear of rejection - Current, February 2017

 (Yes, I’m freaking out.)

The experiments will take place from February 1, 2016 until February 28, 2017. Each week I will report back with thoughts, findings, and lessons learned. These experiments are still works in progress so feel free to share your ideas and take part in the process!

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