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048: Rebecca Schoenecker: On Tarot & Trusting the 6th sense within

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I am captivated by all things metaphysical; the transcendent experience that defies logic, the omen, the prophetic dream, and realms unknown. I explore the esoteric through tarot card readings, meditation, channeling, spirit work, various healing modalities, art, and music.

My background is that of a creator and teacher. I received my MFA from the School of the Art Institute in 2008; I spent the years following working at colleges, touring with my band, reading tarot, and creating art. In 2011, I self-published my first tarot deck, the Laughing Eye Weeping Eye Tarot. It was more successful than I anticipated, as were my tarot readings. People shared that my tarot readings were life-altering and encouraged me to continue. With a ton of support from loved ones as well as faith in the Universe, I left my full time job in 2013 so that I could pursue these passions full-time.

My creative practices also feeds my divination and spiritual work. As an artist and musician, I create works that explore archetypes within the collective unconscious. For example, I am interested in how ancient cave paintings of horned men (or gods) and a wall calendar of deer in one’s home may evoke, unknowingly, a connection to something similar across time and space. It is the timeless that I seek to explore, sometimes in a playful way.

Tarot was my first hook into the metaphysical. I had unusual experiences in my youth (channeling, automatic writing, astral travel) but did not understand or start using these gifts until I created my first deck and began reading from it in 2011. I found that the process of reading unlocked something for me. I am still trying to understand it; This mystery keeps me enthralled.

Music Editing: Nick Bauman

Music By Rebecca Schoenecker 

Song # 1. Wake by Laughing Eye Weeping Eye

Song #2. Sunday Lake by Laughing Eye Weeping Eye