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Krista Suh: On Ambition and Flow

Krista Suh is a screenwriter, craftivist, artist, activist and creator of the Pussyhat and Evil Eye Gloves. Her mission is to make the world a safer place for women and help everyone validate their own creativity, femininity, and intuition. In her book, DIY Rules for a WTF World: How To Speak Up, Get Creative and CHANGE THE WORLD, Krista share the tools, tips, experiences, "rules," and more she uses to get creative, get bold, and change the world. Krista is a powerful voice for doing more as she inspires others to create their own rules for living, and even a movement of their own, all with gusto, purpose, and joy. Krista has been a screenwriter since 2009, was in the FOX Writer's Initiative program from 2010-2011, written jokes for the Primetime Emmys, and has written in film, television, and web.

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Junior En Cavale Live @WFMU 7/13/2018

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