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025 Kaleigh Jean: Tarot for the Creative

I’m a writer, tarot reader, fun-lover, and a kitchen magician. I firmly believe that we can all be heroes and heroines if we utilize the powers of our unconscious minds!

I was first introduced to Tarot in 2013 when a couple of my best girlfriends did an oracle card reading for me. I was shocked at the resonant power of the messages that came through. That night, I experienced a profound moment of urgency about the direction my life was moving in. Something was missing, I could feel it, and the cards were reflecting that. I got my own deck and started doing Tarot for myself not long after that. I ordered a nice fat stack of Tarot books and devoured all of the knowledge I could. At first I didn’t think I could learn it all – 78 different cards?? Each with myriad and multifaceted meanings, and I didn’t even want to think about reversals…

But my passion for Tarot continued to grow and so I kept at it, reading and highlighting, pulling cards, journaling, and eventually sharing my obsession with my family. In the meantime, I also wrote three novels, each involving the supernatural and including Tarot as an element. I used Tarot to write my books, chapter by chapter, pulling cards whenever I was confused or I didn’t know what happened next. In this way, I learned how to work with the cards around creativity. I learned that they can be an amazing resource for blasting through creative blockages and for clarifying those brilliant, gleaming flashes of inspiration I’d get about my stories. The archetypal images on the Tarot cards helped me bring them into focused concepts that I could nail down in text.

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