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027 Coleen Hodges: On Risk and Reward: Sharing your Creative Journey with your partner

Really excited to be sharing this episode I did with Coleen Hodges.  She shares her personal story of how she went after her dream of being a photographer, and the challenges that came up in her relationship during the process.  Coleen tell an amazing story of when she shared her personal story with other budding photographers and the overwhelming response 900 emails of other women who were feeling the the same exact thing.  I knew that I wanted to have her back on the show to talk about this behind the scenes story that rarely gets talked about.

If you haven't listened to Coleeen's episode season 2, definetly go back and check that one out.  She runs an amazing organization called Spectrum Inspired a non profit dedicated destygmatizing autism through photography and art.

Show Notes:

Big Magic
Spectrum Inspired