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011 Danielle Berg: Exploring Identity & Displacement through Circus Arts

Danielle was born in Long Beach, California, but spent her childhood in Cameroon, West Africa, where she learned the techniques of climbing trees with her toes from her pet gorilla.  During her high school years in Texas she perfected the art of bareback standing riding on her disgruntled arabian mare.   As an adult she and her husband David have made their home aboard a sailboat which provides ample opportunities to dangle by ropes from the 50 foot mast.  All these events conspired such that when one day she walked by a sign advertising “Kung Fu and Circus Arts” she felt herself drawn irresistibly.  Since then the circus arts have become one of her passions, and she loves the challenge of pushing herself to achieve feats which she previously could never have believed herself capable of.    Corde lisse and aerial straps are her favorite apparatuses to work on. She also loves working on duo acts with other members of the collective.


Show notes:

Audition: Oct 30th



Sophia Isadora Academy of Circus Arts