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030 Cynthia Morris: On Original Impulse

Cynthia Morris is a creativity coach, the author of the novel Chasing Sylvia Beach, Create your Writers Life and The Graceful return.   She is also one of the few coaches for Jonathan Fields Good Life Project.  She has both a depth and playfulness about her that I love.  We share a love of creative journey and watercolor, and she is working on creating her first illustration book. 

I absolutely loved getting to talk with Cynthia who shared so much with me about her own messy middle spaces, overcoming them, stepping into them and why she thinks they are so important.  

There are some people you immeditely have  a connection with and Cynthia immediately put me in a place of ease as if we’ve known each other for years. 

Show Notes:

Original Impulse: Who are you and how does that express itself.

What are your original gifts that are satisfying to you.

Creativity is on our heirarchy of needs.

Seeking to help people come to a good relationship with their creativity.

How can we not be at battle with their creativity.

Sticking with writing a book that took her 13 years. Talk about being in the middle space and the power of seeing something through

Commitment points: where you recommit, am I still in it? And why?
There are gifts in the process, but often you don’t get them until you finish.

Celebrating Big Moments