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032 Messy Middle Minisode: Is Burnout Avoidable?

In this solo episde I am talking about Hustle vs Flow and Is it possible to avoid Burnout and have flow and Ease in the beginning or do we need to hustle and grind in the beginning in order to then get to the ease and flow of things?


Tha’ts what I want talk about in today’s Messy Middle Minisode

I’ve been searching for different ways that we get clues with how to live more in flow with our lives.  Its been a personal quest of mine to find ways of finding more efficient ways of achieving my goals in creative work and specifically business.   

In this episode I talk abut:

The prescriptive advice when it comes to starting a business is get out there and hustle, work longer, work harder, grind, grind and grind and make things happen.  

  • Stories of Burnout

  • Alternate Stories of Flow and Alignment

  • Feminine Energy

  • Our Menstrual Cycles and how they guide us

  • My hypothesis: Burnout is Avoidable