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019 Holly Kleiman: On Commitment & Curiosity

Today’s inspirational guest is with Holly Kliman, National VP of Arbonne.  In this episode we dive right into the elephant in the room and misconceptions around network marketing.  We talked about how holly almost passed up on this opportunity and why she believes that doing this business was the smartest decision of her life.  

We talked about her journey from working at a wine bar in Jackson hole, to health insurance consultant to then finding her passion in Arbonne’s products business, and community.  

Holly also opened up about losing both her parents, coming up against personal obstacles and what she gained from going through those struggles in her life, and how it helped her in business.   

Underlying Holly’s success is definitely a willingness to learn, a commitment to the journey in a term she calls “closing the back door”, the pursuit of personal growth and a strong desire to serve others, lift them up and give back.  

Show Notes: