Month #6: A month of Intuition


Observation:  I am someone who has a healthy skepticism of the woo woo, but at the same time I also love and am fascinated by it. 

For this months practice I wanted to test and work with my trust in intuition, through using my tarot cards, in making decisions and choices, and find serendipity along the way.  

  1. Question: What question would I like to solve?  Trust in myself and my inution
  2. Hypothesis: What do I think will happen?  I will start to gather data that reinforces my knowledge of intuition.
  3. Methods: What am I going to do?  Tarot Card Readings

I didn't get to post on the blog about my experiences, but I did more so on Instagram.   Below you can see the various tarot reads that I did for friends and family, some shoes and books I found on a trip, and intuitive piano playing.  

4. The results:  I began to develop a deeper understanding of my intuition, I started to trust more in what I was seeing and how I relayed that information back to friends.  I was led to knew experiences and helped to answers some of my own questions.