A month of Japan Update

Well, I had big plans for this month but while I'm not completely calling this month a Fail, I would say that I've done way less that I had initially set out to do.

I am learning some Japanese, which has been really fun and a bonding experience between my husband and children.  We are learning through an app called Mirai Japanese which has great mini lessons that I can absorb in 10-15 min.   I highly recommend.

I am using the few words I know with the kids Ikimasho ( let's go), kudasai ( please) arigato ( thank you) Konichiwa ( hello) frequently around the house.   And making Mia count in Japanese daily.  

But I see this experiment as more of a long term project since we won't be leaving until Oct 2019.  But I'm happy to have started to practice now so that at least we have some idea of what we are talking about when we get there. 

So for now Sianara :)

And Arigato for following along!