Lipstick Diaries: Tiny whispers that I follow

I don't ask questions these days when something nudges me, however weird or silly it may seem.  As long as its not hurting anyone or being asked to spend gobs money, I will heed the whispers that are coming.

Past whispers have included "make a podcast" or "water color brush letter" or "explore 20 min sparks", these ones seemed to be persistent whispers to the point I wasn't able to ignore them any longer.  And why would I really? they were all things that seemed like fun to try.  

The latest whisper I have been hearing is "wear lipstick".  

Its a weird one, that makes me feel both excited and also perplexed.  But I've decided again to go with it, and document the days as I try new lipsticks.  

Part of what I hope to share is my experience of being in my own messy middle and all the things that arise within.

I currently only own 2 lipsticks, both are from my wedding almost 2 years ago.  So I guess l'll also need to stock up on some lipstick.  Which will be an adventure unto itself because I am clueless when it comes to makeup.  

Whelp here I go!