The Messy Middle

When we embarked on a journey there is all sorts of excitement,about the possibilities of stepping into your power, of owning your self worth, of finally choosing to play bigger.

All the ideas are flooding, and people better get out of your way because you are on a mission, have big plans, and no one is going to stop you.  This is going to be EPIC!!

But  As with all journeys there comes a time when the heros journey encounters an obstacle or maybe two, or three or twenty.  The journey becomes a bit more laborous, set backs occur all needed for the learning to happen, and discouragment and disappointment set in.  

We are slightly aware of this when you started your journey but, you didn’t forsee the pain and struggle that it would create with your partner, family or finances, you are being tested and it occurs to you to quit, that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

For the things we know we can’t quit simply because our soul won’t let us we must remain in the messy middle.  It’s the part that gets the least glory but actually has so much richness to offer within it.  What if we could choose to be in it, rather than feeling we are being punished?  Rather than thinking our self worth is determined by being on the other side.  

The messy middle is about celebrating what you are creating while you are creating it.  I know, easier said than done.  

But think about it this way, the messy middle is when you get the paints out and then ditch the paintbrush and start to finger paint, its when you decided to use the floor as a table as you cut out pictures then glue them on your design board, it is the fun part.  

I know we all want to be there on the other side of here but whether you choose the middle way or you are just passing through

remember we all wash our hands at the end of a creation,sit back and then look at what we’ve created,

no one gets out without getting a little dirty.  

Embrace the Middle, dive deep,  and do it on purpose.