Declarations, Proclamations, and OUT LOUD goals for Accountability


For the first 20 weeks of this pregnancy I wanted to die. No joke. If I thought my first pregnancy was terrible with the nausea, this one really took the cake. I literally couldn’t make it to the bathroom to puke and so I would just do so on the floor. I know gross.

I even broke down at some point and finally was going to take the nausea medication but our dog, who doesn’t ever chew up anything of ours but mail and paper, ate my prescription. It was a sad moment, but I forgave him because shortly after everything subsided. Thank GOD!!!

Its nice to have the brain space to think about other things not related to food or not eating food. I have started to feel like my old self again, slightly heavier, and more round in the front, but myself.

Maybe it’s because I feel grateful for being spared the nausea for the next 16 weeks that has me in a creative frenzy, maybe it’s my nearing 37th birthday, but lately I’ve been feeling in the mood to get some things done, feeling inspired to create, to write, to make the most of this time I have before I will be writing a different story, which I know will be drastically different.

I'm ready to set some intentions and declarations, out loud this time to the internet world. I'd love the accountability and community, so if any of the following resonates with you, please join me! I’ll be your accountability buddy!

#1. 1 blog post a week: I’ve written for sometime now off and on, its comedic at this point how many blogs I have, but if you care to check any of my other writing out here are a couple of them:

#2. Committed to drawing horrible pictures for my son's lunch: #Lunchnotes: Passion project, a project for no reason, a just because project, a creative habit.

#3. Diet of mostly positive, inspirational and awesome information: I’m in the infancy stage of creativity (again),and there is no room for negative self talk and nay sayers. I mostly got tired of wondering what my focus was, what I was trying to create,say, or wanting to do next and letting it get in my way, so I am allowing myself the time to just do whatever feels right, and screw the “why”, and listen to the positive voices that are doing things despite not having a direction. Hopefully my why will become clear but I’m happy with just enjoying the process for now.

I'll leave you with a list of a few podcasts, books, people I’m inspired by right now, 37 is going to be a great year!!!

People: Tiffany Han, Danielle La Porte, Brene Brown, Tara Mohr, Books: Girl on a Train, You are a Baddass, Playing Big, The Desire Map, The Fire Starter Sessions, The Gifts of Imperfection, 10,000 ways to listen, The War of Art Podcasts: The Good Life Project, Raise Your Hand Say Yes!, On Being On the Cue Books: The Creative Habit, Losing My Virginity: Richard Branson, Dolly Parton's Memoir.

Till next week!

-M IMG_0904