Sparks Challenge 2.0

The rules:

Commit to 50 days of consistent creative action over 90 days

Set timer for 20 minutes and stop when timer goes off.

Why the Challenge?

By committing to a consistent creative practice for a long duration of time we begin to see our own value, and skills and then in turn feel more inspired and confident in our lives.  Your creative expression can be something you’ve been putting off but have wanted to get better at, or maybe you are stuck for ideas and need a little help, (check out 50 prompts) or maybe you’ve been working hard at something but just need a different way of looking at it.  With just little bite sized bits of action, we start to notice things shift, we find out what we like and don’t like, without it feeling hard.

When is the challenge?

April 1rst- June 30th.  The challenge is 50 non consecutive days.  I’ve found that if I HAVE to do it daily and then don’t I can really get derailed. Miss a day?  Just hope right back in.  The point is to create consistent action over time to make change and build confidence. Do what works for you.  

A note about time:  While the only real rule is a 20 minute timer, you are allowed to take a break and then do another 20 minute increment of something on the same day.  Think Pomodoro technique.   I call this batching, not cheating, it’s just smart.  Some days we just have more time, right?

How do I participate?  

1)Declaration:  Find someone to be accountable to, it could be as easy as posting on instagram, “I just signed up for the sparkschallege2.0, excited for whats to come!”

2) Post on instagram when you complete a prompt, picture, video, painting, drawing, origami, it can be whatever you want really.  Need some inpiration check out the 50 prompts I’ve created.  Or look at my last sparks challenge at #20minsparks.  This is really so we can feel a part of a community and not all by our lonesome.

That’s it!!  

Happy Creating!!!