Sometimes the Best Advice is so simple

When I was in the throws of my divorce I was experiencing so much restlessness in my body that I physically didn’t know what to do with it.  So much was moving through me at a rapid rate that my brain couldn’t process it quick enough.  I would go running and sob while pausing momentarily to throw up.  The metaphor of 'purging what no longer served me' became a violent manifestation in my body.  

When we go through major transitions in our life we experience both a death and rebirth almost simultaneously.  As things die, so do things arrive and what is needed during this transition is simply a container to hold ourselves in.

Sometimes the best advice is so simple, I offer these 2 must do’s if you are in the thick of transition, a break up, a move, a divorce, a loss of a loved one, loss of a job or any other life changing transition, as a way to come home to yourself, to find some grounding in this uncertain time. 


  1. Make a detailed schedule that consists only of the following: get up, eat, exercise, shower, eat, clean your house, eat, sleep.

  2. Get in your body and move it:  dance, walk, breathe, move everyday and consitently connect in with your body, move the energy.

Over time you will notice that you need these two rules less and less, but know that this is enough there is nothing more you need to do.  

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