Days 13-30 Results

Today is the final day of Wearing my Joy!!  

Hypothesis:  That by wearing clothes that I love I would focus more on the feeling of Joy rather than on what my body "should" look like.


#1 It was pretty easy for me to get into this challenge.  I love clothes and changing up my style so it felt pretty easy to get dressed with Joy in mind.  I realized I do this more than I think I do.   

But I did notice that by changing my focus to one of Joy, I began to see that there were times I felt I needed to "look more professional" and would pick clothes that fit that part, but saw quickly that I felt uncomfortble and stifled and less free.  I challenged my need to "be more professional" by wearing clothes that were work approrpiate but also felt like it had some fun and playfulness as well.  

#2 I definetly have my go-to items that I could wear for days on end.  I found that to be an exciting realization and donated a lot of clothes and shoes that I wasn't in love with.  Some even were brand new items. (gasp!)

Towards the end of this challenge I took myself to my favorite store Mimi and Red and splurged on a few items that I fell in love with.  

All in all this experiment was eye opening and definetly brough more joy into how I dress my body.  It help me change the focus to feeling good in what I was wearing, as oppossed to the feeling terrible in the pre pregnancy skinny jeans but wearing them just because they were pre pregnancy jeans.  My c-section scar thanks me.

If you guys are interested in doing this ecourse with kelly you can check it out here.  Or just make it up as you go.  Below is a few pics of me wearing my Joy!