A month of Weights: Get Strong, Feel Empowered, Try something new


Observation:  What do I notice? 

Why a month of Weights?  

I have been a long time runner, its a practice and habit that I have grown to love and has served me well for almost 3 years.  I rarely miss a day of running, my only requirement is to run for 20 min and then I am off the treadmill and out of the gym.  

I created this habit to make sure I was getting some sort of exercise in, and starting my day with movement.  Its when my best ideas come and I still love it.  

But what I'm noticing is that its not much of a  challenge, and I haven't tried to push myself to run further or change up the change much.  I also feel like I could I could use a little variety.

I've avoided doing weights in the past because I thought it was boring, wouldn't feel like a workout, or wouldn't give me the same release as running did.  

I also felt like insecure and lost in the weight room, I couldn't even begin to think of where to start.

Hypothesis:  I'm hoping that I get stronger but also help to incorporate some other things I can add to my workout routine.  I hope to feel empowered by learning this skill.  I hope also to feel more energized, excited about the process and that it helps influence other areas of health in my life.

Also, I love that I'm doing this with my husband, I think that by having our date of working out together it will strengthen our connection.

Methods: What am I going to do?  28 days of pre determined workouts similar to cross fit.  I'll write and post about my experience for accountability on this blog and Instagram stories.