Month #5 A month of Inspirational Photography!


I'm actually kind of sad a month of wild writing is over.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to take Lauries course, but the next few months already feel so full, so for now that will have to wait.  I've decided to do yet another on of the ecourses that came withe the SuperPower bundle.

I'm so glad I purchased this bundle because I am taking ecourses that I wouldn't normal take simply because it seems like a friviousl expenditure for something that I'm just a little interested in. 

I decided to do The Candela: Finding Inspiration Through Photography with Lauran Valenti, for a couple reason. 1. becuase I would love to learn how to use my Olympus Pen camera that I was gifted a few years back and 2 the description said "we'll draw powerful new inspiration from heartfult personal inquiry as we shake up our seeing, abandon rules that constrain creativity"

THAT sounds right up my ally.  

  1. Question:  Can I deepend my relationship with my camera and my skills as a photographer and fall in love with this art again?
  2. Hypothesis: What do I think will happen? I hope that I understand my camera better, that it helps to influence how I see and notice in this world.  
  3. Methods: What am I going to do?  Follow the ecourse