Day 5-10: Change your question, change how you feel

The biggest take away I would say so far about The Wear Your Joy Project, is simply changing what I focus on and what I ask myself "how can I wear my Joy today" drastically changes how I feel about myself and how it leaks into my day.  

After baby my body has definetly shifted and my style has shifted in many respects as well.  I am welcoming in stronger thighs and gluts but my pants are not as forgiving as I am.  

So in this pic I opted for a new favorite denim shirt, leggings and boots, because boots, boots boots!!! I love me so me boots!  


These last few days have been busy with family in town, birthday celebrations and life so I don't have a bunch of photos to share, but I'm finding that there are certain pieces of clothing that I just keep wearing over and over again.  Some days its just the watch I love, or a jacket and the rest of the outfit is so so, but just that little effort can make all the difference.

Next up: getting rid of clothes that do not spark JOY!