Gamify Your Life

Gamify your life

Part of my son’s therapy has so much to do with rewards.  Something we say frequently to him is “what are you working for?”  

I know there can be some concern or controversy around giving a prizes to kids for things that we feel they should just know how to do.  

The fear I suppose is that kids will become spoiled, unable to do things without getting something in return, and we want them to grow up and want to do things because it’s the right thing to do, we want them to be considerate human beings.

 I totally get that.

But, I’ve come to look at this system a little different over the years of seeing it work with my son in his therapy.

Not only have unwanted behaviors vanished but I’ve also noticed that while my son is not without typical tantrums and upsets, he is overall a sweet, considerate well manner little boy.

He is happy to "work" for things and doesn’t put up a fuss when we tell him "no he can’t have something."  This may change I'm sure later in life.  But my point is that positive rewards work on everyone, we will work harder for potential praise and be internally self motivated.  

It’s led me to use these strategies in my own life.  

I’ve used rewards as a way to motivate myself to run 5 days a week, or meditate daily, and recently to do my creative 20 min sparks project.  I've used it to movitate my boot campers during workouts to work towards prizes.  

And even though I’m aware that I’m tricking myself and playing a game for my desired outcome, somehow it works.  I complete projects that I otherwise thought impossible and am excited about doing them in the process.  

You are the rule maker of your game, how can you change the rules so that they work for you rather than always trying to make ourselves work for the rules?  

How do you gamify your life?