Can people really read my future?


First let me say that I love intuitives, psychic's, tarot readers and the lot.  I have received a lot of insight after having sessions with these types of mediums.  I still will call upon this type of advise when I'm having a hard time making hard decisions.  

I also know that I need to be careful with how much I let someone else tell me what my life will look like.  

Some of the readings I've had in the past have totally been spot on.  They have predicted things in my future that actually happened, like when one told me my house would be infested with bugs and we would have to move.  

That came true! and led to wonder "how in the hell did she know that?" So, everything else that she said must be true also, right?

But also ALOT of the time when I have a reading the things that are predicted couldn't be farther from the truth.  

So, how can we both use these amazing resources for our benefit and still stay connected to the most powerful resource we have, our personal intuition and CERTAINTY?  

Because certainty is really what we are after.  Whoever has the most certainty wins.  

In order for us to trust our own intuition first before anyone else's we need to practice.  

I offer a few options for developing your own intuition and also things to do before your next psychic reading.

1.  Get clear on what question you are wanting the answer to.  Answer that question for yourself with the best knowledge you have today

2.  Make the appointment 3 months or longer in advance.  This gives you some time to really decided if its something you still need answered.  It also allows for your intuition to speak to you.

3.  Take a class on intuitive development, tarot, astrology or some other skill.  This will empower you to make your own way and learn how these individuals are doing these things.  

I also did a recent solo podcast episode on this very topic check it out here:  Solo Episode: On Certainty