Day 10: 22 things about me.....

The prompt was 25 things about me, but I only came up with 22.


 1.  I once wanted so badly to wear leggings to school but my mom wouldn’t let me, so I cut off the feet of tights and wore those to school instead.  But tights are see through, so everyone saw my underwear.
2. I can play play songs like twinkle twinkle and mary had a little lamb on a multitude of instruments.  My dad always said I had a good ear.
3. My aunt once bought a car based upon my sisters and my request to get a car like the one on Night Rider. (or at least she let us believe that)
4. I once wrote a story about how my fourth grade teacher was discriminating against girls being able to play basketball.  This was definitely my mothers feminist influence on me.
5.  When I was young I didn’t know how to resolve conflict so I resorted to giving the silent treatment.  It took me years of therapy to untangle that habit.
6. I have an aching in my throat often when I feel like I’ve said too much or revealed too much about myself.  Its both a warning and an invitation to keep going.
7.  I learned at 18 that my grandmother was full Native American not Hispanic.  I was sad and suprised to find a desolute land of poverty when we went to visit the Pueblo reservation a few years later.
8.  I lived on an island, in a tent, pooped in a hole, and shaved my head one summer in college.  It was one of the best and most painful times of my life.
9.  I played Rugby in college for a few semesters and still to this day have no idea how the game is played.
10.  I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.  I hoped that my purpose would just hit me over the head one day.
11.  I competed in one snowboard cross competition and it was one of the scariest things I have ever done.  I realized then that I didn’t have the stomach for that kind of competition.
12.  I was snowboarding once with my sister and broke my femur by hitting a tree.  I didn’t even know what a femur was at the time.
13.  I auditioned and performed in a musical called South Pacific.  It found it odd and slightly uncomfortable that the Asian lead role was played by a white woman.
14.  When I was learning to snowboard I fell off the chairlift and a little boy behind me rode by and yelled "CHINK!"  I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew he hated me.
15.  In 5th grade my mother wanted me to have more “asian friends” and so I triedto make friends with the asian girls, and hair sprayed my bangs as high as theirs would go, but something inside me didn’t feel as tough as they were so I stopped hanging out with them.  After that they always looked at my like I was a traitor.
16.  When people ask WHAT ARE YOU?  I say, oh my ancestry? I am ½ Japanese, ¼ Filipino, 1/4 Native American.  I always used to wonder "where were all the asian people in american history" and now at age 39 I am finally learning.

17.  I have two kids, who both have spent time in the NICU.  Those experiences challenged me to my primal core.
18.  My instant thought when my husband doesn’t come home on time is that he is lying by the side of the road somewhere dead.    
19.  When I was 11 I learned about the word Cancer and then the following few years I lost my best friend, grandfather and father to that ugly disease.
20.  I met my true love at age 36 and I knew after our first meetings that it would be forever.
21.  I was born with a lazy eye.  I spent many years in and out of doctors offices trying to correct the laziness.  I learned to deal with people asking if I was looking at them, by looking beyond them.  Years later I had surgery to correct this, but even now I have have trouble with direct eye contact.
22.  I was a popular girl until one day I said the wrong thing and lost all my friends in an instant.  That experience both devastated me and also showed my true resilience.

This prompt was based off of Laurie Wagners Poem 25 Things about me.