Day 11-13: Out with the old...


The past few days have been evaulating why a particular item brings me joy or doesn't bring me Joy.  After having my last baby and my c-section I really feel icky when anything pushes or scratches on my scar.

I have "fit" into my skinny jeans but the low rise presses right on that area and I don't feel great wearing them.  I find myself constantly trying to adjust them and pull them up even higher, and relieved when I can take them off at the end of the day.  I can see however that some part of me is hanging on to the idea of fitting in to these jeans but I really inside they bring me no Joy.

So, I started my donation pile which included almost all pairs of pants except one (so I would have something to wear) and more items that I feel bla about,( some which were brand new) cringe, but that's part of this experiment right?  If it doesn't feel joyful than what's the point.  



I'm realizing with this experiment that my styles can evolve just as we do.  I can allow myself the space to try something new on, and change my style up a bit to fit in with the new evolving wanting to be comfortable yet fashionable person at the same.  These two can totally exist together.  

I took a trip to my favorite store and found 3 pairs of pants from this brand that I LOVE, I put these pants on and wanted to marry them.  And a flowy top, and a dress with a 50's nod. I'll post pics of those soon! 

Feeling rejuvinated and excited!!