Month of Photography: Final Thoughts


I loved learning about photography this month!  I used my Olympus Pen almost every day, and I learned how to use the settings on my camera!   That in itself is a success!

I of course took so many photos of the kids and our day to day with the iPhone because lets face it it easy and it takes a pretty good photo.  

In this months experiment:

My Question was:  Can I deepen my relationship with my camera and my skills as a photographer and fall in love with this art again?

Yes!  I absolutely felt like I deepend my releationship with my camera and learned new skills, and I totally fell in love with this art form again.  I still feel that I have so much to learn though.

My hypothesis was: "I hope that I understand my camera better, that it helps to influence how I see and notice in this world." 

I really did start to see the world differently, I noticed patterns and light reflecting, angles, and people and things in relationship to each other. 

I started off following one ecourse that really didn't feel right to me and switched to doing another one which I found more helpful and inspiring called Photo Meditations with Susanna Conway.  I highly recommend her course it was really well done.  

I also have loved going through the Unraveled Academy school and have learned a lot about lifestyle photography as well as the basic terminology apperature, shutter  speed, kelvin ect.  And for $15 a month you really can't beat the price for all the things that are included. 

Results:  I think all in all this was a successful experiment and I am excited to continue doing more photography in the future.

Here are few of my favorite snaps from this month of inspired photography.