12 Experiments: A year long adventure of Curiosity, Ease, Playfulness and Alignment.


I am always in search of ways to make going after goals or answering big questions more fun and interesting.  Having a project helps me to reflect daily on what it is I'm after and keeps me true to my values.  

I'm getting ready to embark on a year long project which has me feeling both excited and also really nervous.  

I've had a lot of resistance in the past to committing to goals longer than a few weeks long.  My fear of being disappointed or of not completing things and then feeling as though I am lacking in some way has prevented me from even attempting them.  

But lately I have felt pulled to try again, instead of just writing myself off as "not being that kind of person".  I decided to take what I know about myself, which is that I like and need variety to succeed and find creative solutions to the roadblocks that usually get in my way.

Last year in partial answer to that question I took a baby step towards doing a longer project and created The Sparks Challenge for myself.  

The project was to do 50 days of brushlettering, an art form that was new to me.  Shortly into the project I felt moved to draw illustrations that spoke to important topics that were close to my heart.  

After I completed that round, I felt like I could keep going so I extended the project 50 more days and invited others to join in.  It was a fun process that challenged me but also gave me room to skip a day and change the project up if I needed to.

Almost a year later I have created a habit of brush lettering and illustrating making and I am now working on making them into a book and digital prints for t-shirts and other paper goods.  

That project was just the confidence builder I needed, and proved to me that I was capable of acheiving longer term projects, but it might not look like how everyone else does them.  

Which brings me to this current project, The 12 Experiments. I'm using the model of 12 Experiments which was created and inspired by a past guest on the podcast Sarah Natsumi Moore.  

The basic idea is that each month you focus on one area to experiment with.  Framing things as experiments is great because it can allow me to be objective during the process, without the judegment! Yay, I love that! Check out Sarah's completed 12 experiments here.  

I've given this project some thought and I know that in order to stick with any long term commitment My "Why" must be meaningful to me otherwise there will be so many reasons to make excuses and quit.

The topics I'm picking are personal goals I'd like to acheive, things I keep saying I'll do and never do, and other areas that I want to challenge myself.

My over arching why is to explore how living a life of alignment and ease will impact my professional and personal goals I have set for this year.  I'm hoping that aligning more with ease, playfulness, and curiosity will help me create sustainable practices that feel good to me and good to my family. 

As a side desire, at the end of this year long adventure I will be celebrating my 40th birthday.  I thought it seemed like a fun way to explore and experiment with ideas as I say goodbye to my 30's enter into my 40's. 

Some ideas/questions that I will be exploring:

  1. Can I build a buisness of flow, ease, sustainability, and have high levels of success?
  2. How does feminine energy play a role in my creativity and business?
  3. What happens when you create boundaries around time even when there is nothing occupying that time?
  4. Am I pushing too hard?
  5. Can I stay aligned before action?  What happens when I do? What happens when I don't?
  6. Is this fun, playful, joyful?
  7. Am I staying true to my values, (family, authenticity, truthfulness, connection, meaning)

The Guidling Principles:

  1. Find the joy and playfulness
  2. I am allowed to course correct, especially if the why has changed or if it no longer feels authentic
  3. Must be something slightly outside my comfort zone.
  4. I am allowed to batch work.
  5. Must not break any laws, harm anyone else


My plan is to write about my experience here on this blog, and share my story on instagram stories.  Follow along here

Each month I will answer the following questions

  1. Observation:  What do I notice? 
  2. Question: What question would I like to solve?
  3. Hypothesis: What do I think will happen?
  4. Methods: What am I going to do?
  5. Results: What happened?
  6. Conclusion:  Did I prove my hypothesis? 

Experiment List (so far, and not necessarily in this order)

  1. Month of Weights
  2. Month of Cooking
  3. Month of Analog
  4. Month of Audio
  5. Month of Yoga
  6. Month of Budgeting
  7. Month of How to Life a Good Life Book
  8. Month of Decision Making

And that's it!  I'm really excited to see with this birthday year has in store for me, and also what I have in store for it! Experiment #1 is A month of Weights!  Stayed tuned for my why behind that!

I still have a couple months to fill if you have a topic*** you think I would like please email me at Maringhiga@gmail.com 

***(nothing illegal, obscene, or involving the harming of life in any way)