A month of Japan Update

A month of  Japan Update

Well, I had big plans for this month but while I'm not completely calling this month a Fail, I would say that I've done way less that I had initially set out to do.

I am learning some Japanese, which has been really fun and a bonding experience between my husband and children.  We are learning through an app called Mirai Japanese which has great mini lessons that I can absorb in 10-15 min.   I highly recommend.

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Experiment #8: A month of Meditation


Experiment # 8 is underway and I am really enjoying this one.  Simple, good way to start the day and I'm already noticing some change  in how reactive and impulsive I am being. 

Meditation has been a part of my life since I was a teenager and through the years I've had bouts of being really consistent and then times when my I didn't do it at all. 

When I discovered Shambala meditation I was happy to know that we can use anything in our life as a meditation.  But I have to say there is something really special about sitting down for 20 min a day to just be with myself.  

Thinking of even doing a meditation retreat this month!  

Seems like the best way to keep up with sharing is on instagram.   One thing that have been challenging about this year long project is keeping up with writing about it here on a regular basis.  O well, can't do it all right?



Experiment #7: A month of Music


Keeping up with documenting this experiment on Instagram.  You can take a listen below and follow along on IG stories and my profile.  Taking requests and dedications:)


Month #6: A month of Intuition


Observation:  I am someone who has a healthy skepticism of the woo woo, but at the same time I also love and am fascinated by it. 

For this months practice I wanted to test and work with my trust in intuition, through using my tarot cards, in making decisions and choices, and find serendipity along the way.  

  1. Question: What question would I like to solve?  Trust in myself and my inution
  2. Hypothesis: What do I think will happen?  I will start to gather data that reinforces my knowledge of intuition.
  3. Methods: What am I going to do?  Tarot Card Readings

I didn't get to post on the blog about my experiences, but I did more so on Instagram.   Below you can see the various tarot reads that I did for friends and family, some shoes and books I found on a trip, and intuitive piano playing.  

4. The results:  I began to develop a deeper understanding of my intuition, I started to trust more in what I was seeing and how I relayed that information back to friends.  I was led to knew experiences and helped to answers some of my own questions.  



Month of Photography: Final Thoughts


I loved learning about photography this month!  I used my Olympus Pen almost every day, and I learned how to use the settings on my camera!   That in itself is a success!

I of course took so many photos of the kids and our day to day with the iPhone because lets face it it easy and it takes a pretty good photo.  

In this months experiment:

My Question was:  Can I deepen my relationship with my camera and my skills as a photographer and fall in love with this art again?

Yes!  I absolutely felt like I deepend my releationship with my camera and learned new skills, and I totally fell in love with this art form again.  I still feel that I have so much to learn though.

My hypothesis was: "I hope that I understand my camera better, that it helps to influence how I see and notice in this world." 

I really did start to see the world differently, I noticed patterns and light reflecting, angles, and people and things in relationship to each other. 

I started off following one ecourse that really didn't feel right to me and switched to doing another one which I found more helpful and inspiring called Photo Meditations with Susanna Conway.  I highly recommend her course it was really well done.  

I also have loved going through the Unraveled Academy school and have learned a lot about lifestyle photography as well as the basic terminology apperature, shutter  speed, kelvin ect.  And for $15 a month you really can't beat the price for all the things that are included. 

Results:  I think all in all this was a successful experiment and I am excited to continue doing more photography in the future.

Here are few of my favorite snaps from this month of inspired photography.





Learning about Light, Grain, and Manual Settings Days 2-10


This is a collection of from the past few days as I've been learning about my Olympus Pen camera and how to use it.

It been fun to learn about the different features of my camera as well as the basics of composition.

I started off following an ecourse but have sort of mixed and matched my resources.   Here are few of my recommendations for other beginners looking for a palce to start.

Unraveled (online) School of Photography:  This school is for the novice to advance photographers. They have classes that range from compositing, editing, inspiration, and the basics.  And its only $15 a month for a giant amount of info.  

Susannah Conway Photo Meditations: This ecourse is also another great one for beginers. Susannah breaks things down into simple doable action steps.





Month #5 A month of Inspirational Photography!


I'm actually kind of sad a month of wild writing is over.  I'm pretty sure I'm going to take Lauries course, but the next few months already feel so full, so for now that will have to wait.  I've decided to do yet another on of the ecourses that came withe the SuperPower bundle.

I'm so glad I purchased this bundle because I am taking ecourses that I wouldn't normal take simply because it seems like a friviousl expenditure for something that I'm just a little interested in. 

I decided to do The Candela: Finding Inspiration Through Photography with Lauran Valenti, for a couple reason. 1. becuase I would love to learn how to use my Olympus Pen camera that I was gifted a few years back and 2 the description said "we'll draw powerful new inspiration from heartfult personal inquiry as we shake up our seeing, abandon rules that constrain creativity"

THAT sounds right up my ally.  

  1. Question:  Can I deepend my relationship with my camera and my skills as a photographer and fall in love with this art again?
  2. Hypothesis: What do I think will happen? I hope that I understand my camera better, that it helps to influence how I see and notice in this world.  
  3. Methods: What am I going to do?  Follow the ecourse