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What is the messy middle?

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I think deep down many of us know we have something unique that makes us different, maybe its the way we see the world, maybe its in our listening ear, or maybe its the talents that we humbly shrug off.

The challenge for us creatives is usually not a lack of ideas or passions, the challenge usually comes when we are trying to make sense of our many desires, talents, odd hobbies, and skill sets and find some way to bring it all together.  

We hope that we can someday make a living doing what we love, we hope that our value will be seen and we can finally let our guard down and be ourselves, but creative work is vulnerable and sometimes that task to keep going, to keep putting our work out there can feel daunting and overwhelming.

This overwhelm can lead at worst to forgoing our creative talents all together, or  continuing to create in the closet where no one can experience the joy of our work. The truth is that most of us are in the messy middle the space between having it mostly figured out and not knowing where to begin.  

I believe this creative middle is where we make change not only in ourselves but in the world, because it is the space in which we learn and grow into the shoes we were meant to fill.

Hi I'm Maring

I help those in the messy middle ignite their creative spark, gain clarity in their voice, and feel fired up to get out there and inspire and share their meaningful work with the world. 

I've worked with hundreds of people exploring the middle space whether is was in my aerial bootcamp business, acupuncture practice, or coaching clients and watched as they embraced their light, made changes in their life, and made strides toward living their life with meaning.   They have gone on to reach higher levels in their art, start businesses and pursue dreams that otherwise seemed out of reach.  When you find your voice and see your amazingness you see that everything you did prior had meaning.  


How we can work together

Whether you are in a transitional phase, looking to use your creative gifts in business, or simply want a place to get your creative juices flowing, I can help you get clear on the vision and foundation you will need to start putting your voice and ideas into the world.  

You can find details on my Work with Me Page

A little more about me:

I've always been a creative person and have found a joy in the creativity of business. I have dabbled in creating and selling products on etsy, learned musical instruments, joined and performed in circus troupes, learned to brush letter,  finished 100 days of illustrations, and most recently started a podcast called The Messy Middle.


I've spent over 15 years as a fertility Acupuncturist coaching families on how to prepare for pregnancy, throughout their pregnancy and into parenthood.  I created a companion ecourse called Creating Fertile Ground, a course meant to enhance fertility through getting in touch with one's own. creativity and receptivity

We are all on a journey of some sort, whether we are just beginning or have reached some major milestones and goals, but I believe the middle is where the magic is!  I hope to connect with you on your journey wherever you are!

Go Make Magic in the Middle!


What Clients Are Saying


Jill M



My time with Maring was life changing! She listened, coached, encouraged, challenged and cheered me on, all the while showing me concrete ways to open myself to my own creativity and flow. She threw wide the flood gates and ignited a fire under my creative process. It was thrilling, challenging, exhilarating, fun and life affirming.


Spiritual Teacher 

Maring  was great!  She was really easy to talk to, and genuinenly interested in digging deep to find what feels right and authentic for me.  It really was a fantastic experience!


I surprised myself by breaking out of my shell talking about myself and feeling a bit more worthy.