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Hi I'm Maring!  

I work with women both in my acupuncture practice and as a creative coach to voice their deepest desires so they can start taking action their life and business in a fun and playful way.

I offer a free 20 min Discovery Call to see if this is a good fit for both of us.


My Philosophy:  Make Magic in the Messy Middle


I'm fascinated with The Messy Middle, I believe it is all about stepping into your light and finding your magic.  

Its about getting fired up about what gets you up in the morning, even if that thing is reading self help books and inspiring podcasts.  

And its about getting a little scrappy and learning to amplifying your voice to the world, because I know you've got some big ideas, you just need a safe space to get bold enough to share them.  



Its time to start putting yourself first and share your enthusiasim and gifts with the world.


Because if you don’t we all miss out on your unique way of doing it in the world.  We miss the way YOU say things or deliver products, ideas, art or music in a way only you can make palatable and fun.  

We all think that its been done before, its been said before, and "what do WE have to offer that is any different?" 

But what I have come to know is that we are all packaging the information in different ways and adding our own spin on things.  We are attracting the people that need to hear from us in the unique way that we are able to deliver it! 

When you hire me as your Creative Coach you’ll get someone who provides fun and playful actionable ways to experiment with finding your voice and creative strengths and a plan that is sustainable and feels good to you and your values. 

I’m super excited!!! This Journey with you has been incredible!! Overall, I have just so many better avenues to know myself more and to continue to grow.
— Cayla H.


We will start wherever you are

My super power is deeply listening and mirroring enthusiastically back to you what you already know.  You’ll gain deep clarity quickly so that you can get started on that big dream of yours.

Are you ready to get sparked and excited to start doing the fun work?

Heres how it works:  

1. First schedule your free 20 minute Discovery Call

2.  If we are a good fit we I will have you fill out a questionaire and customize a plan specific for your needs. 

3.  You will receive: 

  • A personalize plan
  • Weekly exercises
  • Synopsis from our call
  • Bite Sized Action steps
  • Email support

To apply please fill this form out to see if we will be a good fit for one another.  

More Questions?  Email maringhiga@gmail.com

I look forward to connecting with you!  

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