Hi I'm Maring, 

I help spark creative women to discover and embrace their creative gifts, and help them use that fuel to enhance and brighten up their lives and business. 

We all have our own unique gifts to offer the world and I love to help people see those strengths and step into them, so they can spread their enthusiasm and joy with the world.  

I've spent over 15 years as an acupuncturist coaching and helping other women start families, have healthy pregnancies and beautiful birth experiences.  

I also started an aerial group bootcamp business and ran it for three years, I helped others become strong in body and in soul.  

I am a multipassionate and love it all.  

And now I want to extend my playful approach to motivate and listen deeply to others so that women feel more empowered, alive and creative in their work and personal lives.    

I am also the host of a podcast called The Messy Middle which is celebrating the middle road and the magic we make within it.  I interview women in small creative businesses who share their success and personal experiences of being in the middle themselves.  

We are all on a journey of some sort, whether we are just beginning or have reached some major milestones and goals,

I believe the middle is where the magic is.  

I hope to help others stay inspired and focused on their journey. I intend to share my own messy middle adventures on the podcast and blog along the way.   



Feel like we could be great friends?  

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What Clients Are Saying



Spiritual Teacher 

Maring  was great!  She was really easy to talk to, and genuinenly interested in digging deep to find what feels right and authentic for me.  It really was a fantastic experience!


I surprised myself by breaking out of my shell talking about myself and feeling a bit more worthy.