You are destined for amazing things

don’t let a little thing like unclarity stop you.




You have a strong desire to do something special.  You know you are destined for great things, you know you even have the talent and skill to back it up, but you just don’t know how to string it all together.  

You’ve watched as others have gone after their dreams and made success in their life while you secretly wish you could finally step out into your own spot light.

Is this you?

Modest, down playing your talents, afriad to sound braggy or bostful?  While knowing deep down you have the charisma, talent, and kahoonas to back it up?  

Sound familiar?  I know because this was my story for a long time.  Too afraid to offend people, or put myself out there, too afraid of showing my imperfections too the world, too afraid of the feedback.

I’ve worked with women both in my acupuncture practice and as a creative coach to voice their deepest desires, start taking action, and get excited about where there life and business is heading next.  

This work is about stepping into your light, its about getting all fired up about whatever you find passionate and saying it out loud into the world.  Its about getting a little scrappy and fiesty and amplifying your voice to the world, because know what you think and what you believe in is not your problem.

Its time to start putting yourself first and share your enthusiasim and gifts with the world.

Because if you don’t we all miss out on that playful, lighthearted way you make even hard things palatable.  Or the ways ways that you allow the space for others to have a voice while reminding us all to stay awake.  

When you hire me as your coach, you’ll get a cheerleader, strategist, and step by step handholder all the way through our time together.  


We will start wherever you are

My super power is deeply listening and mirroring enthusiastically back to you what you already know.  You’ll gain deep clarity quickly so that you can get started on that big dream of yours.

Are you ready to get sparked, excited and start doing the fun work?

Heres how it works:

1 hour Clarity Call:  $150:  sometimes this is all that is needed, a little re-fresh some ideas to get you started and your off to the races.  


Six 50 minute sessions: $385.00 ( via skype or zoom)  In person avaialable in San Diego area only.

  • Personalize intake form
  • Weekly exercises
  • Synopsis from our call:
  • Bite Sized Action steps
  • Email support:
  • Accountability Games and Prizes to keep you motivated

To apply please fill the form below to see if we will be a good fit for one another.  More Questions?  Email