SPARKS: Creative Strategies to Manifest Your Best Ideas

Are you ready to start putting some action behind your dreams and goals?  Would you like to meet some likeminded people that are searching for more creativity and meaning in their lives?

If so, this course is meant to ignite and inspire you to flex those creative muscles, try something new, and become curious and excited about how your creative expression can light a fire into your life and business.

Transformation and meaningful experiences come from the meaning you give them.  What meaning are you giving your life now?   

This course is meant to help you uncover the gifts that you already have within you, and allow you to practice them in a safe and fun environment, amongst people who will support you on that journey.  

Each week we will build the foundations needed to walk the creative path and then put into practice what we discover through the process.  Whether your interest is in creating a business, making your art, or if you are simply wanting another way to invite more creativity into your life. This workshop was created for you.  

I believe that doing group work is the most powerful way to make transformations.  

During this 8 week online course we will focus

  • on building a strong foundation that supports the creative habits
  • adresses fears and doubts that arise
  • offer weekly exercises to help build creative habits
  • provides support and accountability so that we can share and unearth our boldest ideas
  • encourages and cheer each others on in our victories.

All of this work will culminate to one final project that you decide upon called Your Sparks Project, a 30-50 day project where you put into action all you have learned and refined.

All created in a safe and supportive environment so that your biggest and most amazing ideas can come to life!

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