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Alignement Tool Box: I get good feelings from…..

Aligning yourself up with what you want to acheive, have, what question you are asking, is the deeper work and sometimes the confusing work we go through.  How do I even do that?  



In my own life I have used systems to help me stay in the flow, or understand the flow, because it can feel like such an abstract concept.  


We think that to go with the flow is to sit back and wait for the world to present us something, an amazing opportunity, a sign, money, or something we have been trying to manifest.  But truly aligning ourselves with what we want takes mostly getting clear of what we want, and then figuring out what it would take to have what we want.  Then doing those things that are in align with the way we want to live.


If you are a women using the menstrual cycle to help align you to the different parts of your cycle can really be helpul.  But if this isn’t something that resonates with you or your cycle isn’t regular or you are on birth control we can start paying attention to other ways that we find cycles in our life.



Nature naturally has a cylical rhythem, spring being a time of new growth, summer is about outward expression, joy, excitment, and putting our work out in to the world, doing the work,  fall about transfomation and letting go winter about going inward, reflecting, re grouping.  



Of course within those seasons there are smaller seasons, so helping you to get in touch with your own flow, your own rhythem and aligning your self with the poeple, thoughts, activities, and adventures that will lead you to where you are wanting to go.



Before I get into some ways that we can practice alignement and flow, I want to say a little about what can happen when we have a specific goal in mind and are certain that we want it, but when we do the work to look deeper and see what it would really take to get there we see clearly that our actions are not matching our words.



This has happened to me many times, when I wanted to make a certain amount of money in the year.  The number was an arbitrary number I that was an industry standard for success, but when I looked at my life with two small kids, and the other projects that I had taken on, I realized that in order for me to reach that goal I would have to compromise on family time, and for me that is a big value deal breaker.  



While it was slightly discouraging to realize that I really would reach that goal without sacrificing family time, I also then began to ask other questions.  “Is it that important to me to reach that number this year?”  “would it be worth it to me and my family to put the grunt work in, and hopefully the following year I could take some time off?  “Did we NEED me to bring in more income for finacial reasons and would this improve our family situation greatly if I did so?”  “would I be happy, joyful and pleasant to be around if I took on extra work?”



And ultimately I realized that I wasn’t in an extreme rush to get there and could take a little more time, which would make me a happier person and in term a better person to my family.



So often getting into alignment with what you really want, can show you that you don’t really want the thing you say you want, or that you really DO want the thing that you are going after.



This is why knowing WHY you are doing anything is so important to your ultimate trajectory and goal.



How do I get into alignment, flow, ease?






  1. Find your Flow BEFORE you do anything.  

As we become more efficient, knowledgable about things, what changes is not the emotions or feelings that go along with whatever we are working towards, what changes is how soon we catch ourselves in our neurosis and how quickly we course correct.  How quickly we find alignement again.


Alignment has been something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  This idea that we can put ourselves in the way of flow, decided how we want to feel and then be open to receiving that in our days.  Alignment is about intentionly getting into the space of acting, clearly defining where we want to go and then acting accordingly.  Its the opposite of reaction.  Its the opposite of the world telling us how we are suppose to feel.  And we do it by finding things that conjure up all that good mojo so that we can act from that place, to find its potency more potent, it produces better work.


Some examples of alignment are before you do anything you get up and move your body in someway.  On a physilogical level your starting your day with those good feelings that come from doing exercise.  The hormones that get released start your juices flowing and the day has begun with a great start.  The morning feels productive and you are able to get so much done in a little amount of time.


Another example might be waking up and meditating, or writing pages. It might be prayer, or setting intention, or writing down what you are grateful for.  It might be listening to a inspiring podcast in the morning, or reading an uplifting writing.


To get more specific it is aligning and starting your day and doing work towards feeling the feelings you want to have in your future version of yourself.  Example is, if you see your self running an online business working from differnet locations, helping lots of people, and taking vacations, spending time with your children, and having the space to do your creative work, then how will you feel, act, start your day then?  What sorts of rituals, boundaries, self care will you have in place then?  


Getting into this kind of alignment is more precise and will take some daily effort on your part.  Its really about creating a new habit and also starting with the end in mind.  If what you want is time and space in your morning routine to create and to feel good then how can you live your life now in accordance with that vision.  If what you want is time to vacation with family, have time to exercise and do your creative work, what sort of feeling are you after and how can you incorporate some of that into your life now as little drops in the bucket towards that goal?


Meditation, writing, exercise, filing your mind with good feelings, spending time with friends, doing art, creative work, playing music, these all can do the trick with helping you into alignemnt and are great tools but only if they bring a positive feeling to your life.  If these things become drudgery and are meerly ways of following the rules well its time to take a step back and go back to the non doing stage.  


Its important to remember that alignment is not about following a prescription, its a process of finding what works for you and then making it a practice to try and come back to it when we find our selves out of alignement.


In meditation when we find ourselves thinking about thoughts and wandering in our minds, we gently remind ourselves to come back to the breath.  We do this over and over again.  Same is true with alignment, when we find ourselves pushing against the flow, irritated, confused, sad, and angry we can gently and kindly say “come back to the flow”.  


Start gently at first, I’m writing this blog post by coming back to a trick that has helped me before, which is to set my timer and write for 20 minutes unedited.  It pushes through the critical mind and allows me to find a path back to myself.  I invite you to try some ways to get into alignment first BEFORE you get to work.  What comes up for you?