Meditation:  We often think that in order to be meditating we need to be sitting crossed legged on the floor to have the benefit of resting the mind.  And while this is traditionally the way meditation is done, it is also possible to get the same effects of meditation through movement.  This can be walking meditaiton, Yoga, qi gong, shower meditation, car meditation, ect.  Because the point of meditation is to become aware of the chatter going on in your head and make your way back to the moment.  Its not about trying to reach some destiny or blissful state of being, its simply to allow us to become more aware of the noise in and around us so that we can make better choices based upon what is really hapenning in this very moment.  



In school at Naropa University as part of our curriculm we meditated every day, many times a day.  And after 2 years of doing this I couldn’t say I really noticed that much was different.  And so I let that practice go and gave up meditating for some time, but after awhile of not meditating what I noticed was that I felt more chaotic, more impulsive and easy to react then before.  But I didn’t notice that until the practice of meditation was gone.  



Finding some time in your day to intentionally practice allow thoughts to arise, label them thinking and then come back to the breath Aka meditation is much like sweeping the floors of your house, its meant to keep the juices flowing, getting the junk out so that you can see hear clearly what insight and inspiration might be coming through.





Visulization: If you can’t see it, it can’t be done.  





Visuliazation is a little different then what I am calling Meditation, often times this is called guided meditation where we are being led by someone elses voice and words.  Its meant to help you develop your own intuition and imagery, because I believe this is the most powerful way for you to gain confidence in your self and your intuitive abilities.  



There are many ways that you can start to develop your intuition, I’ve found that doing this guided meditation that I learned from my teacher Vanessa Castro has helped me so much in learning to rely more on my own self and intution rathen than needing to have other psychics, healers divine for me.  


-Spiritual Hygeine: Insert guided meditation to help you visualize and see where you are headed, clearing energy, cutting cords, spiritual hygeine.  




Mundane Tasks: This tool is one that I have used often for times when I really feel stuck and I don’t know what to do next.  Its been useful for when I need to move physically but need to be doing something that doesn’t require brain power.  In these moments, I pick up a broom, clean out a closet, a desk, scrub something down, clean my car, and heres the trick I dont try to move back into my creative work until I feel moved to do so.  For my husband and family they end up getting a sparkling house, a shedding of old things, many trips to the salvation army.  I might clean my way into an inspirational thought, and that could happen quickly and I’ve also been in instances where it takes weeks!  Here are list of Mundane ( new word) talks that you can borrow if you find yourself in a creative rut.


  • Clean out your closet

  • Sell your old stuff, offer up and craigs list are great places to start

  • Organize your desk

  • Get rid of old clothes

  • Take the trash out

  • Fold laundry

  • Wash your windows

  • Clean out your fridge



These all may seem like no-duh Maring I know how to clean my house, but in a moment when you are lost with ideas, self doubt, and have no idea what to do, these quick go to’s can save you, I promise!  



Pull a Card, Randomly open a book:  This is a tool that you can use whenever you need or want to believe in some sort of higher power, universe, divine intervention.  As I said before I think what’s most important is that we start to empower ourselves and believe in our own ability to divine for ourselves, but if you approch this tool with playfulness and curiosity, it can sometimes give you some great insight into the problem you are facing or the question you are asking.  



I have a tarot deck and also an aminal deck both I purchased because of how beautiful the art work was, and then I use google to find various of sites that give insight.