Defining your Creative Advocates and Creative Block Advatars:


I was once given some advice while I was trying to make a big decision, “Imagine all the parts of you sitting at the table and letting all voices be heard. Whether these voices are wanted or not, they should be invited to sit at the table because they all serve a purpose in supporting you on your journey.”  


I’ve ‘tried’ to follow this advice many times but, try as I might, it was really hard for me to take it seriously.  


But recently, as I’ve been looking at flow and when energy seems more aligned with action and the concept of non-doing, I’ve discovered that if I assign a persona to these different experiences they feel much more real to me.  I can actually sit down now and have a conversation with the part of me that wants to be action all of the time.  It just took me naming her and creating a character out of her.  The same with the part of me that prefers allowing or non-doing.


Ok, before you write me off and think “this girl is a little too woo woo for me,”  let me tell you how much more empowered I feel now that I have found a way to make ‘talking to myself’ a fun, playful and enjoyable process.  And, get ready, because I’m going to invite you to do the same at the end of this post. :)


So, here we go.  


Let me introduce you to the players currently at my table, Cha Cha and Eve.


Cha Cha is the name I have given to the part of me that is impatient, likes to get things done, has SO many ideas, always sees ways to execute them and needs to do them right NOW!  She leaves the dishes and laundry for later and her priority is her creative whispers, painting, and writings that come to mind.  Cha Cha can forget to shower and can get so hyper-focused on ideas that she slops together a meal for her and her kids because she can’t wait to get back to her latest idea of aliveness.  Cha Cha can’t stand it when it's time to rest, time to do nothing, or when the creative juices are not flowing.  Reluctantly she will take a back seat when the flow shifts to a more receptive, listening role, but not without interjecting her opinions every once in awhile.  Cha Cha grumbles when it's not her turn, subtly frowning in the corner.  


Eve, by contrast, is flowy and receptive.  She drinks tea and seems to float her way through the world.  Things come to her with ease and grace without her seeming to lift a finger.  She desires comfort and closeness, sensuality and indulgence,  yummy foods and treats  but everything must be done with a sense of ease.  She belongs among the trees and nature, leisurely walking her way through life.  She stops to smell the flowers, take in a breath of fresh air, singing as she walks along.  With her flowing hair flying in the wind, she seems to exude pure joy!  Eve seeks connection with her children and family and soaks in the day by plucking her guitar and laying on the floor.  She is content and non judgmental of the non-doing of life.  She trusts and knows that the tide will turn and soon it will be her time to rest.  For now, she basks in the shine of her glory because her flow is always in the now.  


Are you as annoyed by Eve as I am?  


You may think I’m a crazy person giving names to these pieces of me that I feel inside.  But giving them names and clearly identifying them is what has allowed me to invite these parts of me “to the table.”  Identifying them in this way has made me able to see them as separate, but also the same.  It  allows me to be both loving and irritated by them, just like any other family member of mine :)


See, I’m discovering that the point is not to find self love by somehow coming to a moment in time where I can love every aspect of myself.  The point (for me) is to let all the voices be heard and to be ok with them, even if I don’t always like what they have to say.  


For example, when I am in a place where I need to get some shit done and Eve has the talking stick, I can ask her “Eve, who would you like to pitch as potential guests for the podcast?”  or “ What would you like to do to market the acupuncture practice?”   She will most definitely have a different answer than Cha Cha would!  And, if I ask her when the flow is in her favor, then the outcome will be much more aligned and efficient than always letting Cha Cha bulldoze her way through everything.  


The challenge is how to listen intently so I can determine accurately whose turn it is to speak.  Once I do that, I can ask the right part of me for the answer and trust that I will receive the wisest advice because that part of me is most attuned to the flow.


My newest project is to write letters to these parts of me.  You can follow along on the blog to read about this journey I’m calling “Pitching My Other Selves.”


Here’s my first one:


Dear Eve,


I love the light and airy approach you bring to my life.  You remind me to roll around on the ground with the kids and start water balloon fights in the in the middle of the day.  Your goofy playfulness brings fun to the mundane of life.  


I am writing because I would love for you to help me with my current illustrations, and also my upcoming passion project. You are always so great at providing playfulness and ease without taking things too seriously.  


If you’re a yes, please send me a sign, person, song, or dream and I will follow up with more details.


If you need me to circle back to you for an answer,  please let me know!


Yours Truly,




Cha Cha, Eve, and Jane-

Who they are

Creating a visual of who these players are, so that you can talk directly to, get advice from, and hear clearly who is speaking and what strengths and weakness they have to offer.

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