Hi and Welcome to the first week of Sparks ecourse! 

Start here: If you haven't filled out the questioneer please refer back to the Welcome Page.  This page will be updated weekly with course information, challenges, and homework for the week.  You will be able to refer back to past weeks as we move through the next 8 weeks!  

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Module 1 is Live: I've included some PDF's for your use or use a journal to keep all of your reflections in one place. ->View Module 1

Challenge:  This first weeks challenge is to get the crayons out and create what your foundation looks like, you can draw a tree, a house, or however you visualize foundation and share what are the pillars and values that you feel are most important.  Share with Facebook group here: ->Join our Facebook Group

Our first official class is Dec 1rst 2016 @ 9:00 I'll be teaching the material live and  you can submit any questions you have as you work through the material.  Submit Questions here->

Below you will find a timeline for where we are in the course, but this process might not be linear for you so just remember you can always refer back to previous weeks!

Week 1: We will start with delving into our big Why and the questions that we seem to be asking ourselves over and over again.

Q & A Calls and Classtime:

Class starts Dec 1rst where I will talking a bit about my journey and start getting our juices flowing about what we want our Sparks Project to look like. . 

You can Submit all your questions here as you work through the material.  And for those that can't attend Live, there will be a recording sent out the day after class.  


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