Here's just a small sampling of what patients are saying.


Denise S.

A letter to anyone considering acupuncture to encourage conception and/ or to support a healthy pregnancy:

"My husband and I came to Maring after a frustrating year of actively trying to conceive. We figured since I was already 40 years old and not getting any younger we really wanted to "get the show on the road" so to speak. We liked Maring as soon as we met here. She is warm and friendly and really listened to our concerns regarding our desire to conceive. She told us "give it three months." So we went for it.

What I liked about Maring's technique is that depending on where I was in my cycle she would adjust the points for the acupuncture needles to help the body help itself. She is gentle with the needles and she makes the room comfortable for a relaxing session. Just what a woman needs when she is feeling the stress of her biological clock ticking. (Don't get me wrong- intellectually I knew that women in their forties conceive all the time, but still every time my period came it was another disappointment.)

Well the story ends well (or rather begins) because just like Maring said, after our last session three months later we were pregnant. I decided to continue sessions with her during my pregnancy as well to support my growing baby and then later to get ready for labor. We welcomed our beautiful boy into this world in May of 2013. I highly recommend Maring to anyone looking for a non- evasive, natural way to help your body conceive and support a healthy pregnancy."

Sincerely, Denise S. Carlsbad, Ca




"My husband and I decided to start trying to have a baby a few years after we got married. I had no idea that it would be hard to get pregnant and since I was on birth control for 7 years, I assumed everything was functioning normally. Little did I know that being on the pill for so long caused my body to not ovulate properly and therefore, I rarely got my period. I was also diagnosed with sub-clinical hypothyroidism. We tried for over a year to get pregnant without any luck. Desperate and out of options I sought out acupuncture with Maring - and it was life changing. She worked to help realign my hormones to function normal again and help me to ovulate. After a few months of treatment I got pregnant! It was the most exciting time for us! I continued treatment throughout my pregnancy and I am so happy I did. I believe that it helped me and the baby throughout the pregnancy, as I did not have any morning sickness and I had a smooth and wonderful pregnancy. I delivered our baby girl naturally, without an epidural, on September 28, 2013 - and my life has been forever changed. I am so thankful for all that Maring has done!"



Katie M.

I have been seeing Maring for Acupuncture since 2013 after my second miscarriage.  She took the time to get to know me and what my individual needs were. We were successful in staying pregnant on our 3 attempt after working with Maring for a few months to make sure my body was in a good place and to successfully maintain a pregnancy.  I have Hashimoto's and tailored her care plan to this as well.  We successfully became and stayed pregnant on our 3rd try with our now 2 year old daughter.

In 2015 we wanted to add to our family and found that again staying pregnant was an issue for me, after my first miscarriage after trying again I was back with Maring adding acupuncture to my health care again. I had followed her over to Cap Wellness Center.  We worked on my health and I had again a miscarriage, but with some digging Maring pinpointed a possible cause and also suggested I see if Dr. Cap. She suggested he and his staff could be a good addition to my medical care team.  

I consulted with Dr. Cap and he listened and made some referrals for me and we made a plan for my fertility, health, and other needs.  It is  a brilliant collaboration between different disciplines of health care I have been lucky to have, and have access to other types of care if I need it.

I am sitting here at 39 weeks pregnant with our second child, and I am deeply grateful for the care Maring has given me for the last 3 years as a part of my health care team.  She is amazing,caring, open, and professional.  I truly believe if she had not been a part of my health care team, I would not be a mommy.  And, that I am truly thankful for.