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045: Vincentia Schroeter: On Communication to be Seen and Heard


Vincentia Schroeter has a Phd in  Clinical Psychology and has researched early attachment between mothers and babies.  She is a Bioenergetic Analyst, a somatic psychotherapy dealing with emotional blocks on a body level.  Vin has taught internationally and locally. Interested students can go to

Vin is a Licensed Marriage and Family therapist in Clinical practice over 40 years. Interested in incorporating latest neuroscience findings into somatic psychotherapy.

Current Activities:

Writing a book combining brain and body tools, called, "Breaking Through: Communication Skills for being Seen and Heard."

Enjoying drawing, painting and writing a communication blog at:

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Show Notes:

In thi episode Vin and I talk about:

  • We suffer when we can’t communicate
  • When we don’t feel heard, or we can’t get what we want it causes suffering in the body.
  • What is good communication?  
  • Our bodies are talking, what are they saying?
  • Listen with intention 
  • How to express ourselves in a way that we can be heard and get what we want
  • Listening so that we can really understand who we are listening to.
  • T.J Martin EP 41
  • How to shift your mood in the middle of stress and tension
  • Strategies to work with the nervous system.  
  • Brene Brown:  Braving the wilderness
  • Zones of Regulation
  • How to communication with ourselves in difficult times  
  • Vin's Blog

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