T.J Martin: On Humanizing our Experiences


TJ Martin is an Academy Award and Emmy Award winning director and editor.  His works include the feature films LA92, UNDEFEATED and the Webby nominated short film MY FAVORITE PICTURE OF YOU.  


In 2015, Martin gave a talk at TEDx on Orcas Island, Washington, titled “Reimagining America’s Culture Narrative”, in which he used his own experiences to discuss race and diversity in the film and television industry.    

Martin was born and raised in Seattle, WA and graduated from Fairhaven College at Western Washington University where he studied American Cultural Studies.

Show Notes:

In my conversation with T.J we explored a range of topics.  From his journey to becoming a director to his personal experience of winning an Academy Award and the response that came surrounding his mixed race.  

We talked about his experience of being able to be both a chameleon and being "exotic" and getting asked the question What are you? Where are you from?

T.J shares some of his creative process and elaborates on his belief that story must come first.

His aim with his work to get people to Feel then Think.  

Please check out T.J's work all his link are below as well as things we spoke about in the show.  

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I'm Elise and I make stuff. That's who I am and that's my job.

I started a blog in 2005 because I wanted to share my thoughts with the Internet. A year later, I began sharing craft projects and tutorials. In 2008, I opened my first online shop and since then, I have made and sold everything from letterpress prints to wooden plant stands.

Over the years, I have learned that while I'll always make stuff, my true passion is in helping people set and work towards their goals. In 2015, I launched the brand GET TO WORK BOOK® which provides tools to help you get your goals organized and do the work to reach them. I believe that big things happen one day at a time and my products are designed to schedule out those days. You can learn more about GET TO WORK BOOK® and shop the line here.

I live in San Diego, California with my husband, Paul, and our two young daughters, Ellerie and Piper.

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