Special Circumstances Podcast

Special Circumstances: is about the unexpected circumstances we encounter in life and how they make us stronger.  

Soulful interviews with women in small business, creative fields, special needs advocates and other unique circumstances.  

Sparks Challenge: Building a Creative practice

A passion project for those that are long term project challenged, have a desire to deepen their creative practice, or want to start one all together.  The rules are simple, set your timer for 20 min, commit to doing conistent action for 50 days, and then see what happens!  Note: days do not have to be consecutive and you don't have to commit to the same thing every day.  Check out this blog post for a little more info.  Sign up below to receive ideas, encouragement and support along the way.  

Podcasting is the New Blogging:  Let your creativity run wild, and let the world hear what you've got to Share. Here are 7 Steps to making your own podcast now!

Have a big idea that the world needs to hear?  Not sure where to start, what equipment to get, or what to purchase first?  This podcast checklist will help you get podcasting now with the basics needed to make your very own podcast!