I'm exploring the middle spaces we inhabit as creative souls.  I'm interested in how we find ease and flow through the use of creativity, curiosity and playfullness as we navigate through the messy middle road.

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The Messy Middle is a podcast talking about the transformations and magic we make when purusing a path of curiousity, joy and meaning. I interview creatives who candidly talk about walking the middle road that sometimes isn't as pretty as it seems.  


This blog is meant to share the things that are close to my heart as well as what have been topics that have come up during coaching sessions.  My hope is that by sharing my personal experiences we  might all feel less alone in exploring  the middle road.                  

Free Offerings

I've put together some freebies that I will continue to add to.  Currently I am exploring illustrations in my 20min sparks challenge. Come join my free 20 min sparks challenge where you take a journey through artful creative expression.