My practice specializes in women's health and treatment for both men and women with fertility issues.   I have helped many families achieve their dream of having a baby, and have assisted them throughout their pregnancy and all the way through to a safe delivery.

I offer a FREE 3o minute consultation to discuss more about how acupuncture and chinese medicine are great for enhancing fertility and see if this is a good fit for you.  


Natural Preparation for Pregnancy

We will work together to prepare your body for conception and a healthy pregnancy.  In our first meeting we will discuss how acupuncture, herbs and supplements can help with improving your fertility, and I will develop a treatment plan that is specific to you.

Support during IUI and IVF

There has been significant research done on the benefits of acupuncture in supporting women through assisted reproductive technologies (ART).  Acupuncture can help improve egg quality, bring more blood flow to the lining to help with implantation, and calm and ease your mind.  Preparing 3 months prior to your IUI/IVF cycle is recommended.  

Out call IVF support

I have worked with many of the ART clinics in helping families optimize their chances of a successful transfer. I offer onsite acupuncture before and after your IVF.  If you would like to me come on the day of your transfer please call the office.  

It takes approximately 3 months for an egg to mature, so it is recomended that you start treatments before your IVF/IUI cycle to maximize the effects.  I have seen the best results if you have between 10-14 treatments during this time.  I will create a treatment plan to address your specific needs, along with diet and life-style recommendations.