Day 12: Let the Awkward be Joyful!

Day 12: I had my third tap lesson with Jill yesterday.  Some things are improving and I'm starting to hear the sounds that my tap shoes should be making.  

Its such a funny feeling to know what your body is suppose to do, but then the body does something completely different  I feel at times like Urkel from Family Matters.  

Jill and I laugh a lot during our lessons, I don't think she realized how uncordinated I am:) 

But, I'm letting the awkward be joyful, I mean if you can't laugh at yourself then whats the point, right?  

Day 9: practice,practice,practice

Day 9: I've been practicing my homework that Jill gives me every week.  In this video you see me reading off a paper, both for my memory and also because I'm still feeling a little sheepish about sharing my process of dance with you. 

The kids are less enthusiastics about me tapping, the youngest usually yells "NO!" when the tap shoes come on.  Jill suggessted maybe getting her tap shoes so she would appreciate it more.  I'm sure my husband would LOVE a house full of click clackers!  


Day 5: Tap, Flap, Shuffle, huh?

This was my first tap lesson with my good friend Jill at the end of my work day.  She was a professional dancer for years and has kindly offered to teach these two left feet to dance!  

I am beyond little kid excited about this!  Something about tap dancing that makes you feel so young and spunky!  

My first lesson I quickly learned that the sound of the tap gives away imperfections.  But Jill is such a great teacher that she pushed me just enough out of my comfort zone but I didn't feel discouraged! 


Day 3: Trolls music inspiration


Day 3:  Dancing with the kids is a nice comfort blanket in this beginning phase of dance.  We did a few rounds of listening to my daughters favorite song from the Trolls Movie.  

I'm trying to document this month the best I can, but I definetly feel an added twinge of anxeity everytime I press record.  

Ah, whatever, Enjoy!

Day 1: Dance like no one is watching


Day 1 dancing with the sick baby who just wants to be held.  She asks me to keep playing this song 'When I was done dying' over and over again as she snuggles into my neck.  

I woke to the news of the mass shooting in Vegas.  Today I danced to move my anxiety and the saddness for everyone affected by this horrible act of sickness. 



Month 2: A month of Dance!

Month 2: A month of Dance!

Observation:  What do I notice? 

This one is inspired by the orinator of 12 experiemnts Sarah Natsumi Moore.  She did a month of dance and ever since then I've wanted to try this experiment, but to be honest I've been too chicken.  I envy people that can move their body gracefully and effortlessly on the GROUND, for me I can feel comfortable in doing my aerial silks but have always feel so awkward when it comes to dancing on the ground.

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Conclusion: Yes, do more of this!

We completed the month of weights!  And best of all its really created a habit and routine for my husband and I.  

I originally embarked on this challenge to get over my fear of the weight room and incorporate something new into my routine, but I realized early on that this was something I wanted to do more of and not for any body change reason.

I have noticed that my body is changing externally but also internally I feel more sturdy ( if that makes sense) better posture and less back pain.  I still have moments where the body image critic peeks her head out, but mostly I try and come back to how good I feel and that is usually enough to keep going.

All in all, great first experiment to kick things off, now on to experiment #2 A month of Dance!  This one feels a bit out of my comfort zone but that's the point I suppose.