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I believe that the middle is where the Magic Happens.


I think deep down many of us know we have something unique that makes us different.  Maybe it's the way we see the world, maybe its in our listening ear, or maybe it's the talents that we humbly shrug off.

The challenge for us Curious Creatives is usually not a lack of ideas or passions, the challenge usually comes when we are trying to make sense of our many desires, talents, odd hobbies, and skill sets and find some way to bring it all together.  

We hope that we can someday make a living doing what we love.  We hope that our value will be seen and we can finally let our guard down and be ourselves,

but creative work is vulnerable and sometimes that will to keep going, to keep putting our work out there can feel daunting and overwhelming.

This overwhelm can lead at worst to forgoing our creative talents all together, or continuing to create in the closet where no one can experience the joy of our work. 

The truth is that most of us are in the messy middle the space between having it mostly figured out and not knowing where to begin.  

I believe this creative middle is where we make change not only in ourselves but in the world, because it is the space in which we learn and grow into the shoes we were meant to fill.



Hi I'm Maring

I help Curious Creatives awaken what their soul craves and take action in a fun and playful way. 

I've worked with hundreds of people exploring the middle space as an aerial bootcamp instructor, through my acupuncture practice, or coaching my creative clients.  

I've watched as they embraced their light, discovered their gifts, and started living a life with more purpose and meaning.  

I believe that when we feel seen and find a safe space to share our work we feel free to express our most authentic selves.


The middle is where I have lived most of my life.   Born to an ex catholic nun and an almost buddhist monk, my parents believed my sister and I could choose our own religion if we wanted one.  

This was maybe the start of finding that I fit in somewhere in between a mish mash of spiritual beliefs that belonged to nowhere.

Maybe this was a fore shadowing of how I would help others navigate the middle spaces of their lives.

In my younger years I lived in a middle class white neighborhood and my life looked very similar to my peers in many ways.  But at home my parents also taught us about our cultural roots (Japanese, Filipino, and Native American), traditions, foods and customs.  

I felt at an early age that I didn’t quite fit one particular mold, I again had that feeling of being in the undefinable middle.

Even in my own cultural make up there was a confusion as to which box I should check, was I Japanese? Filipino? Native American? American? Could I be all three?  

I struggled a lot as a kid of wondering where I belonged.  

But I did find a place of belonging and that was in creativity, music, and art.  There I could get lost in time and I felt myself and a sense of coming home .  

Creativity became the threadline I have traced back in my life as a staple of my day to day.  For me creativity is simply my way of living, it is the place I find the most ease.  

As a deeply curious person I have dabbled in many arenas and tried many different hats on.  From being a piano teacher, to performing circus arts, or volunteering as a chaplin at a hospital.  This curiosity has led me on many adventures like living on an island for a summer, to backpacking around Europe, and starting a aerial bootcamp business. 

One of my superpowers is being flexible and adaptable to people and different situations and having the willingness to try.  I believe that most things can be done, and with time anything can get better.  I love learning about what motivates people, how they find their success, what gets them up in the morning, and what their heart most desires.  

What I’ve found is that only in pursuing the middle path do I find the richness of inspiration, creativity, enthusiasm, excitement, and peace.  

In working together my intentinog and wish is to help other feel safe and seen in their creative journey so that they can answer the call of their heart with ease, joy, playfulness and enthusiasm.   


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